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Kerrville, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
tyler’s Avatar
tyler Jun 22 149 views

How long does it usually take for FASFA to get back to you about your results and if you received any scholarships from them?

I am thinking about going to cosmetology school in september so I’m not sure when I should apply.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 31 242 views

How do you find out what type of career you want?

I am not sure what career field i want to go into.

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca May 28 158 views

What are the best ways at becoming a successful hygenist?

Im going to be starting college soon to become a dental hygienist and i've heard that becoming one can be very competitive. Besides getting good grades, what are some other ways to higher my chances at becoming a successful hygienist?

sophia’s Avatar
sophia Apr 13 258 views

How can I get internships while in college ?

I would like to get an internship while in college to get a head start in my career

Heather’s Avatar
Heather Nov 13, 2020 267 views

Psychiatrists daily schedule

What is like to be a psychiatrist day to day? Do you get a lot of vacation days? Who employs you? #psychiatrists #medical

Gus’s Avatar
Gus Oct 26, 2020 407 views

What experience would I need to be an anesthesiologist

I am wondering what experiences I would need to become an anesthesiologist and how I would obtain these. #medical #healthcare

Gus’s Avatar
Gus Oct 26, 2020 290 views

What courses should I take in high school

I am unsure what courses I should take in high school and would like to know #high-school

Gus’s Avatar
Gus Oct 26, 2020 641 views

What skills are needed for an anesthesiologist

What skills are usually need to be an anesthesiologist and how would I learn them #anesthesiologist #medical

Gus’s Avatar
Gus Oct 26, 2020 332 views

What traits should an Anesthesiologist

I was wondering what are the ideal traits to possess for an anesthesiologist #healthcare

Gus’s Avatar
Gus Oct 26, 2020 331 views

Salary for an Anestheseologist

What is the average annual salary for an anesthesiologist? There are a lot different results I have found but I am unable to find a sure answer. #medical #salary

Gus’s Avatar
Gus Oct 26, 2020 608 views

What are good colleges to become an anesthesiologist

Hi, my name is Gus and my dream jobs is to become an anesthesiologist. I dont know what colleges would be suitable for a career path like this. I would also like to known what I should take in said colleges. #medical #doctor #career

aerion’s Avatar
aerion Oct 22, 2020 283 views

what types of classes would i take?

what type of classes would i take to become a neurosurgeon? #classes

aerion’s Avatar
aerion Oct 22, 2020 306 views

what are some alternatives of being a nurse or a surgeon?

if i change mindset what would be some alternatives i can go to in the medical field.
#nurse #surgeon #alternatives

aerion’s Avatar
aerion Oct 22, 2020 368 views

benefits of being a psychiatrist.

#career #psychiatrist
what life, moral, and financial benefits would this job give me?

aerion’s Avatar
aerion Oct 22, 2020 235 views

reasons to become a nurse.

what would some good points to becoming a nurse beside just saving lives bc everyone says that?

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