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Jaliyah S. Feb 24, 2015 637 views

What should I do to prepare for medical school?

I am a Junior at Sumner Academy of Arts & Science in Kansas City, Kansas and I want to become an anesthesiologist. I'm not worried about getting into a good undergraduate school but medical school on the other hand, I'm stressing about. I know that to get in to medical school, you need to...

#college #medicine #doctor #graduate

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keerthana B. Apr 30, 2016 875 views

To get trained on neurologist?

Hi. I am interested in doing Doctor. Can u help me out the process to do a doctor and to study deeply on Human Brain? Can u brief me the degrees to be done for the same or what are the degrees to be completed. Pls give me the answer which relates to Tamilnadu students #doctor #professor...

#neurology #career-counseling #counseling

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Sarah M. May 04, 2016 418 views

What skills are required to go to medical school?

I would like to know what would be the best things for me to study to get into medical school. #doctor #medicine #professor #nurse #healthcare...


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Sarah M. May 04, 2016 673 views

What is the most interesting type of nurse?

What type of nurse is always on their toes? Alway think of new stuff to do to keep the patient healthy and happy. #doctor #nurse...


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Alena P. May 04, 2016 693 views

Do you love your job?

I want to go into Nursing but I feel like I am not up to the task. I also feel guilty for liking something more. I am interested in learning a language and they always say go with your passion. #job #career-path...


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akshatha M. May 05, 2016 501 views
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Terrie D. May 05, 2016 684 views
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Courtney S. May 13, 2016 886 views

How long does it take to become an Anesthesiologist?

I have wanted to become an Anesthesiologist for awhile now but never knew how long it would actually take me. #college #doctor #anesthesiologist #premed #science #medicine...


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azra F. May 13, 2016 471 views

How do I become a doctor? What degrees do I need?

I'm interested in becoming a doctor. [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #doctor #healthcare...


Melissa R.’s Avatar
Melissa R. May 14, 2016 835 views

If I want to become a doctor, what are some areas I should major in?

I've always wanted to go into the medical field, but I'm not sure on what college courses I should begin taking my freshmen year. #college #college-major...


Phillip N.’s Avatar
Phillip N. May 16, 2016 629 views

How long is medical school?

People tell me medical school is about 8 years, but I heard the time is longer because of what you want to specialize in. #doctor #medicine...


Amy L.’s Avatar
Amy L. May 21, 2016 508 views

If I want to become a Pediatrician, how do I know what major I am supposed to take?

I want to become a pediatrician, but I don't know the right path to take #doctor #health #pediatrician...


hayley A.’s Avatar
hayley A. May 26, 2016 588 views

Is it possible to major in languages in which more than one language is mastered at once?

I am currently interested in majoring in languages, however through research found that most majors are limited to specifics. For example I pick up dialect, word choice, and accent quickly and have put it in practice; more than volunteer requirements but as a career. I can't seem to find a...

#language-services #careers #translation #teaching #double-major #college

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Amy Z. May 30, 2016 504 views

Can I pursue a medical degree without liking biology?

I love the concept of helping those in need and improving the health of others, but I am not interested in the science of Biology. #doctor #medicine #biology #healthcare #pre-med...


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Destiny M. Aug 21, 2016 431 views

Going into the medical field, what is the most difficult concept to grasp when learning about a patient? History? Condition? Diagnosis?

I was just wondering because I am always trying to see whats the hardest topic to discuss or to try to learn about the body or what could possible be going on with a patient and what their state or condition they could be in #doctor #nursing #pre-med #registered-nurses #doctorate-degree...