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What is it like to be an accountant?

I am almost in my second year of college as a Business Administration Major with an emphasis in accounting at Concord University. Since about my junior year in high school some people have told me that itll be a boring job ill never have satisfaction at. What is it like to be an accountant? Is it really just a dull day in the office every day like some say? #business #accounting

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There are many different career paths available to accountants. You can be in private practice, work in an accounting firm or work in in accounting department of a corporation, and many others. You can work in the tax field, audit, accounting, etc. What you do during your workday depends on your line of work. What is boring to one person is not necessarily so to another. It depends on each person's personality. Some people would love to be therapists, but others might feel that they don't want to listen to people's problems all day. Some people like helping others as doctors, nurses, etc., while others might faint at the sight of blood. If accounting seems interesting to you, you should ignore what some people might say, as their likes and dislikes may not be the same as yours. However, if you think it is boring, you should seriously consider whether you are in the right major. Talk to a guidance counselor at your university to get more insight.

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There are so many career paths and different roles that this is a difficult question to answer. I work in public accounting and even in the same firm I have done so many different roles. I never had time to be bored! You need to consider not just the accounting itself but the environment and type of jobs you like. In public accounting, you will work on different clients and could be involved in different sectors. I would recommend looking for some internships and talk to many people. Good luck!
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