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Do I know enough about this major? How can I answer myself ?

Mohammad, which major are you referring to? What do you mean by 'answer myself"? Clarifying your question can help pros give better advice Gurpreet Lally

Schedule informational interviews with professionals via LinkedIn!! If you're interested in Human Resources, search for this position, find people with roles in that field / who pursued a degree in that major, etc. Ask questions about their professional journey!! Asking others why they enjoy their position is crucial to providing insight and advice into whether or not it might interest you! Alexandra T.

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4 answers

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Tammy’s Answer

You can answer this yourself after doing some research, asking people in this major, asking people that work in job that have taken the major you are interested in, to determine if it is right for you. Also know that our goals change and if you think it is right today and you start learning and determine that you don’t have the passion to continue, you can change your major.

Good luck in anything you choose to do.

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Audrey’s Answer

Look at job openings that hire the major you’re looking for. It will vary within your major but will give you a sense of what your future will look like in this major. See what kind of classes you’ll be taking for your major and if your school has a program where you shadow someone definitely take advantage of it to see if you like the program. Best of luck!

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Sheara’s Answer

Hi Mohammed,

You can learn more about your major by speaking with your Academic Advisor, they have extensive knowledge about the majors offered at your institution. If your college/university offers career services, you may also speak with a counselor from their department for more insight as well.

Another good option is to take a look at the Bureau of Labor's website (BLS). Their site offers statistics on various higher education majors along with the career paths most commonly taken by their graduates.

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David’s Answer

Hi Mohammad!

How about asking some advice to your mentors or seniors studying those specific majors? As they already studied in those majors, they could give you some genuine pros and cons about them. Especially, if they are close with you, they could tell you the detail pros and cons based on your characteristics. Thus, let's talk with your mentors/seniors now!