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In deciding what to major in for college, how do you process majors and minors in the course selecting process?

I am a recently graduated high school student, and I am majoring in Neuroscience at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I want to minor in Spanish and vocal performance. I am asking because I am unsure of how to minor in those particular fields of study while having a filled schedule for Neuroscience. #counselor #stem #guidance-counselor

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Crystal’s Answer

Generally, to minor in any area, you need to take several classes in that area. So you need to be prepared to study (and or practice) two different areas.

Be sure to speak to an advisor or counselor at your school to learn whether there are any specific requirements for earning a minor. I had to write a paper explaining how my minor related to my major and how I would use the knowledge gained in my career. But to my understanding, such a requirement is not typical.

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