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What job fits best for escape room skills?

Me and my friends constantly do escape rooms- and we're really good at. I really like because of the rush, and plus it I just find it real interesting. #job-search #jobs
#career #career-choice

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5 answers

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Kathleen’s Answer

Hi Oriana!

I love escape rooms too! Personally, I'm a software engineer, and I highly recommend it. There are two main areas where software engineering and escape rooms align.

First and foremost, software engineering requires problem solving. Whether you're designing a system to work for thousands of concurrent users, solving a bug in the code, or trying to find areas in the code that open up security vulnerabilities, it can take a lot of brainpower to solve engineering problems, and it's incredibly rewarding when you do. Especially that last one, if you get into the security side of things, you might find a lot of correlations with some of the puzzles you find in an escape room.

Secondly, unless you're working on a personal project, contract work, or in a very small startup, you're probably working with a team. Like in an escape room, solving problems with a team can be hugely rewarding. You can bounce ideas off each other and learn a lot from each others' work. Some problems require you to get in a room with your team and get heads down in trying to design solutions. When someone has a great idea, it can feel like solving a part of the puzzle in an escape room!

Some problems in software engineering will be familiar -- over time you'll be able to use past experiences to solve new issues. Some problems will be unlike any you've seen before -- these can be tricky, but really rewarding once you figure them out. I rarely see a boring day at work where I'm not learning something new to solve a challenge.

If you're into escape rooms, try looking up coding challenges and learning how to solve them -- you might find they require similar skills of thinking outside the box. :)

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chris’s Answer

Escape rooms highlight a few skills that will be beneficial in any job you choose. Specifically creative problem solving, working against a deadline, working in pressure situations, and teamwork. These skills are highly valued in professional environments.

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Alycia’s Answer

If you like being in fast-paced, moderate-to-high risk situations, I suggest working in the Emergency Department! ED nurses and doctors will always get that rush of dealing with a new unique case every shift, and even though I don't work in emergency medicine myself, I know for a fact you'll find every situation presented to you very interesting!
If you do decide to pursue a career in emergency medicine, I would definitely mention that you do well in fast-paced environments and work well with others during your interview. Stating that you do well in escape rooms will also show a little bit of your personality and what you like to do in your free time as well, which I 'm sure recruiters will love. And if you don't want to work in medicine, there are countless jobs where escape room skills will come in handy, just Google search "Jobs that require quick thinking, fast on your feet."
Good luck!

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Kristen’s Answer

There are so many career choices here! Any field or career that requires demonstration of the following steps: organization, excellent communication, observing and listening, teamwork, patience, thinking (creative, logical, and analytical), and time management. Some potential jobs could be Project Manager, Compliance Manager, Marketing Manager, Data Analytics Manager, etc. These all are tremendous skills to incorporate in both our professional lives and personal lives. You will also be able to use these skills across many career fields and industries.

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david’s Answer

You would probably love the military. Considering the things you do in an escape room and mentioning the thrill of it you just need something that will challenge you and give you a future.