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what is the best IT certification for a 55 year old with a high school education

Am 55 and I have previously worked as an Admin Assistant, Caregiver and a warehouse Associate. Am thinking of starting an IT career, which is the best one for me? #careers #it

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4 answers

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Velma’s Answer

Hello Michael,

First, it is awesome you are daring to try something new! GREAT JOB! You will find there are many fields to choose from in the field of IT. It would depend on the field of IT you would like to get into there are many different focuses in this field but a popular one right now is network security, this might be something you would be interested in. There are also areas in architecture if you are interested in that, or computer technical support specialist, or analyst. Some of the higher paying jobs are in Data and Database areas of IT. Data Security analyst is another one or software engineer is another. I hope this was helpful in your search for a new career. Best of luck to you!

Thank you very much, Velma, I do appreciate your taking the time to respond. Michael U.

Hi Michael, I might have some insights for you, but it seems to me your question title and then the description seem to be pointed in two different directions. Which are you asking about: Information technology career options, or certifications in IT? Bonnie Taylor, EdD, CQIA, APTD

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Rebecca’s Answer

I am not an IT expert: this website seemed to be helpful:

It gives you a sense of where to begin if you are starting out with a HS diploma or GED, but no college experience. I would look at various certification programs for cost, and if possible, job placements. Otherwise, a lot of the IT certification programs are created for people already in IT, and you don't want those. You might want to take a basic coding course at a local community college to get a feel for it, but check out the certification options offered on the CompTIA site first. They may include all the training you need.

Google also has some opportunities: https://www.fastcompany.com/90527332/no-college-degree-required-google-expands-certificate-program-for-in-demand-job-skills

However, make sure they don't first require basic coding skills.

Good luck!

Rebecca recommends the following next steps:

go to the CompTIA website listed above
Look at their certification programs
Compare the costs to other IT certification programs

Thank you very much, I appreciate your advice Michael U.

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Calvin’s Answer

Hello Michael,
I am glad to see that you are willing to venture into new things. I am several years older than you and believe that we can learn something new everyday.
I am not an IT expert, but I am told that anyone can learn to code. There are so many ways for virtual learning and most are free. I know Microsoft has a site for that. Check out Azure on Microsoft site. I agree with Kevin, Cyber Security is huge.

Hope this help and best of luck!

Thanks a lot Michael U.

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Kevin’s Answer

For foundation, I would recommend starting with the CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certification as a start. I would then move onto a cyber security curriculum, Security +. Cyber security is a growing space and there are lots of jobs available.

Thank you very much Michael U.

I agree! Lots of demand in the IT security area. Good luck! Kathy Cortez