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Are demo reels neciasry for all good animation colleagues

I want to confirm this question since I'm pretty sure but I want to double check #college #animation #animator

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4 answers

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Charlene’s Answer

Hi Sunrise,
My college did require a portfolio when applying for a Game Design Arts degree but it consisted of 2D sketches, painted pieces, and anything I had to show that I had a developing artistic eye.

Charlene recommends the following next steps:

If you want to add some new technics that will be relevant to your degree I suggest following a tutorial online. I like LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, and YouTube.
When creating your first portfolio make sure its targeted to what you want to do in the future. For example I have a graphic design background but my targets are 3D emerging technology so I would make my portfolio reflect that target with more 3D assets.
Diversify your portfolio, this is a great strategy to show your artistic flexibility. For example I would not apply with just 20 amazing still lifes, throw in some abstract paintings along with environment studies.
My last advice would be if you don't love it then don't show it. Only put forward the pieces that you love and feel are successful because you will have more confidence in them. At the end of the day if you are not accepted due to your best work then its probably not a place you want to be.

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Joe’s Answer

When I went to college for my first degree a demo reel was not necessary but they did not have an animation program either. I was required to show a portfolio to be accepted into my specialty art program to prove I was learning and passionate about my next classes.

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Darin’s Answer

Hello Sunrise having a portfolio definitely helps. If your just getting started show off any sketches and work you have done just for fun or in school. Having a portfolio shows off what skills you have and how you use them. It's especially important to have a portfolio for any jobs you are applying for

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Alan’s Answer

I am not involved in College Admissions but i can tell you i showed a portfolio of still photography over 35 years ago when i got accepted to FSU and I understand it is still important. It certainly cannot hurt!