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zaid Dec 19, 2019 1050 views

what IB subjects should i pick if I want to study animation at a universty


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Abdiel Mar 05, 2020 463 views

What softwares should I get familiar with before getting into video game design?

More specifically I want to get into modeling. #video-games #software #design #animation

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Sara May 22, 2018 661 views

How hard is it to get a job as a 3D modeler?

I have heard that it is difficult to get a job in the game industry, especially for those with little to no experience fresh out of college. How long does it take to land a job in this field, specifically as a 3D modeler? #career #game-industry

Sunrise’s Avatar
Sunrise Aug 04, 2020 456 views

Is 2d animation dieing

I want to be a 2d animator and recently I have been seeing less and less of it (at least in the big name cpmpanies) and I was wondering if I still have a chance to pursue it #career-counseling #art #artist #animation #animator

Imani’s Avatar
Imani Sep 04, 2020 460 views

Is going into a animation career worth it?

I'm a 12th grader and I have been doing art for years, but i wasn't serious about it until I was in middle school. I want to become an animator, but I find it hard to lean the basics and find it confusing to use my program, Clip paint studio. I might not because an animator and just be a...

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Alexandra May 12, 2017 1028 views

Tutorials for using Unity paired with Autodesk Maya?

I am currently a psych major, but I'm very interested in computers in my free time. I'm a gamer and I've always really wanted to experiment with creation in Unity. My understanding is that AutoDesk Maya offers a 3-year free trial for students, and that it can be used to create .obj files or...

Sunrise’s Avatar
Sunrise Aug 04, 2020 417 views

Are demo reels neciasry for all good animation colleagues

I want to confirm this question since I'm pretty sure but I want to double check #college #animation #animator