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What are some tips on how to cope with separation anxiety?

Updated Tolleson, Arizona

I just graduated high school and I will be living on campus at a university in the fall as a college freshman. I am extremely family oriented and I know I will miss having my family around very much. I can already imagine how sad and lonely I will feel without them. Can you give me some tips on how to deal with separation from them? #college #university #graduate #family

2 answers

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Kendra!

Here are some things I found that might be helpful!

We have all survived!

You can find more hints by doing a google search for "Surviving Dorm Life".

It also helps to find out as much as you can about your future roommates during the summer as you can and talk with them about things related to the transition. They are going through the same thing that you are.

Also, it helps to get to know your RA.

You could also go to the alumni relations person at your high school to find about other graduates of your school who are attending the same college. It really, really, really helps to have upper upperclassmen as contacts and friends, as they will be able to help you through the transition. That will give you great proof that it is possible to survive

Your school might also have a handbook or video dealing with this subject.




Best of luck. Please keep me informed of your progress!

Michelle’s Answer

Make sure to check in with them regularly...Skype, Facetime, and WhatsApp are great for that. Make it a point to join clubs on campus so you don't end up sitting around and missing your home life...you want to take full advantage of college while you can.
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