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what forms of school are best for being a doctor?

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2 answers

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Estelle’s Answer

You must go to medical school to become a medical doctor (M.D.) . As Cameren said, you have to get a degree from a university first then 4 years of medical school. There are private and public medical schools all over the nation. To get into medical school, you need great grades, a strong score on the medical school admissions test, compelling personal statements, and exhibit your investment in community oriented service.
Good luck to you!

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Cameren’s Answer

Here are the most basic steps to pursuing a career as a doctor.

1. First be admitted into a 4-year undergraduate program. The you will need to successfully complete the program and obtain your bachelor's degree.

2. The next step is to be admitted into a four year accredited medical school.

3. Next you will go through a residency program which depending on your specialty can range from 3-7 years.

4. This will then be followed up by a fellowship program which usually take 1-3 years.

I hope this was helpful.