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Is there a cap to your potential earning within the physical therapy profession?

I plan to go into Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine. My reasons are to help others and to be continue to be involved in sports. The reason for my question is due to the cost of school and how quickly I can payback any loans that I may need to take. #college #sports #physical-therapy #athletics #loans #job-costing #sports-medicine

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Luke’s Answer


There is no cap to your potential earnings . However there are realistic salaries to expect working as a physical therapist. A lot will depend on what setting and what geographic location you decide to practice in. For example, working in an inpatient setting such as a skilled nursing facility or hospital will usually have a higher salary than working in an outpatient setting. Also, there is significant variability in average salaries depending on what state you practice in.

Most likely, if you pursue physical therapy, you will have to take out loans, that is just the nature of the beast, unfortunately. However, there are numerous strategies to minimize your loans and to manage your loans effectively. To help offset the cost of school, many new-grad therapists will do things like working a secondary part-time PT job on the weekends or start a side gig such as personal training or consulting. How many loans you'll have and how long it will take you to pay them off is going to vary person by person, but with some simple planning and math paying for a PT education can be done without going into the poorhouse.