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Pros of being interior designer

I'm in 10th grade today and I'm planning to be an interior designer in the future but they won't agree that I will take on this course can you guys help me change my parent's mind? #interior #help #interior-design

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2 answers

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Summer’s Answer

Here are some pros:
1. there is a lot of creative freedom as an interior designer
2. many interior design careers allow you to be your own boss
3. you are able to interact with a lot of different people
4. the median salary for an interior designer is $47,000
5. the job is very flexible

Thank you very much for your help :>> Beverly L.

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Bill’s Answer

I believe interior design is a lost art and an education focused on such aptitude will provide you with a wonderful creative foundation for many different professions in the future. In addition to the field of Interior Design, you could pursue a career in Architecture, Set designing, Store Planning etc. I started with a degree in Architecture and the creative training I received provided a solid foundation to pursue a long career in real estate development. If you have a passion for Interior Designing, keep talking with your parents!

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