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Is the military a better alternate than to attend college.

Seeing my options for the future #military

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5 answers

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Jonathan’s Answer

The military is not for everyone, college is not for everyone, and don't limit yourself to an either or consideration. The military can absolutely be a great option either as a career or for a means to a way, the way being finance for college or a bit of independence/mature building to ready you for college. Conversely, college can certainly lead to a career, a career in the military as an officer once you obtain your degree is one career you could consider. That is to say, you can use military service as a way to gain maturity and finances towards college attendance if those are things you could use. If you want to be an officer in the military, you could use college to get you to that goal. Bottom line is that both choices have pros and cons and only you can truly answer the question you asked. Each situation is different, the place you are coming from is different, your perspective on things is unique, etc... Think about where you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years, gather the facts about the military and college and figure out which path (or combination of paths) will get you to your goals.

Good Luck!

Hi Jonathan. Thank you so much for the amazing advice that you provided to Tiffany above! I had a few follow up questions I wanted to ask out of curiosity: 1. What was your own career path like? Did you attend college/veterinary school before joining the military? 2. Since deciding between college & the military is a decidedly individual decision, what are some of the specific options/ideas someone should consider when thinking about joining the military? Are there specific next steps you took that might be useful? Thank you so much in advance! -David David Ohta COACH

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John’s Answer

As a Veteran, with 27 years and a Masters degree I have to say, its up to you. I know a lot of people who have done just fine with a license. Whither its electrical, plumbing or driving a truck there is money to be made if you can prove yourself a professional in your chosen career. Being a veteran I can say a lot of people don't make it and not everyone is accepted to try, but if you want a life of hard work, constant learning, world travel (sometime to some not so nice places), and the privilege of working with many professionals who honestly care about there jobs and the people around them. The military might be fore you. I also know a lot of people with degrees. Some are very useless degrees (anything ending in studies) or general degrees (liberal arts) but people with nursing, engineering, finance and teaching can always find jobs.

My advice is to look at what you want. Take a few personality test, like the Myers-Briggs and sit down with your parent or a counselor to discuss them. In the end the choice is yours but that doesn't mean you have to make it alone.

As for is the military better? I can say it was better for me. I got my education for free. I have lived on Germany, Korea, Cuba and Kuwait and been all over the USA. I have also spent years away from my family, my oldest kids don't know me, and I am on my second marriage. But life comes with down sides and no ones life is perfect. So gather your information and choose wisely.

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Daniel’s Answer

It would depend on what you want to do. If you want to become a helicopter pilot then it is a great way to go. You have to be willing to trade some time in the military for the training you get but you will learn a lot more than just your job. You will also have the opportunity to make life-long friends with some great people.
If you can be a little more specific with your question I might be able to answer a little better.

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Brandye’s Answer

The military is an excellent option for some people! However, you might consider both! You could talk to the military about putting you through college in exchange for you dedicating X number of years to the Service after graduation. Something to look in to!
Hope this helps!

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Chermone’s Answer

You should consider both options carefully! When you sign up for the military you are putting yourself in danger -regardless of your job - truth. if you go to college, unless you have a full scholarship, you will incur debt. There is good and bad about both and something you should talk to your parents about it if you can. Weigh your options, think about what career you would like in the military and if you went to college and got your degree. The best decision is an informed one. Both are tough, but both will offer great rewards if you are committed!