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Milton C. May 02, 2016 586 views
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Hailey B. May 24, 2016 585 views

Am I going about becoming an editor the correct way?

I am about to be attending my first year of college, though I have taken some college classes already to get ahead. After taking an online English class, I decided I want to be an editor. I know editing, like most other things, takes practice to get good at. I've got my college plans all...

#english #news-editor #editorial-writing #technical-writing

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Tiffany H. May 25, 2016 877 views
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Rebecca G. May 25, 2016 573 views

Does working at a haunted house count as job experience?

I worked at a year round haunted house and I was wondering if future employers would still consider this unique job as still "job experience". #job...