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Tiffany H. May 25, 2016 878 views
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Karen P. Aug 06, 2016 1372 views

Which is more important when choosing a job: salary or work-life balance?

As a high school student, I have many needs and wants throughout the school year. Obviously, I would have to financially support myself if many of my desires are a bit pricey or my parents are no longer supporting me financially (other than food, shelter, etc.) Is it better to take up a...

#money #workflow-management #work-life-balance #salary #education-management #financial-planning

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Caleb N. Jan 09, 2017 619 views

What can I do with a BA in Education?

It seems that in order to teach anywhere I need a Masters in Education, so what can I do in the education field with a BA? #education #higher-education #k-12-education...


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Mei Wei K. Jan 16, 2018 301 views

If I were to join the military for tuition assistance as an Asian female going for a Pharmacy degree, which branch would be more suited for me?

I've been thinking about joining the military for tuition assistance, since my scholarship will expire after next year but my degree is 6yrs. I've heard a lot about the hurdles that women have to overcome in the military, primarily sexual harassment, and I wanted to know if I joined which would...

#pharmacy #gender-equality #military-service #military

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Sierra S. Mar 13, 2018 521 views
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Carmen N. Mar 19, 2018 405 views

Can I cheer in college while doing the military?

I am a student athlete at my high school. I'm a 3rd year varsity player and Captain on our varsity cheerleading team. Cheerleading gives me the opportunity to break boundaries for myself and has helped me become a better student. I wish to continue my cheerleading career in college but I also...

#military #cheerleading #education

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Sarah W. Mar 20, 2018 465 views

What is it like to start your own school?

I'm in school to become a teacher, and I can see the current school culture becoming more and more stressful for students. Eventually I want to start my own school. Where are some good places to go to find out what I need to get a school started? #school #entrepreneurship #education-management...


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Gretchen P. Apr 24, 2018 415 views

Will there be a World War III and will incoming college students be impacted?

We live in a scary world and war looks like it is going to happen. I am afraid for all my guy friends if they get drafted. #social-impact #military #army #armed-forces #united-states-navy...


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Timothy Z. Sep 05, 2018 480 views

What are the potential downsides of joining the Military

I am in Sea Cadets (USNSCC) and I absolutely love it. I am playing on joining the Military (specifically to be a Navy Corpsman), but I would like to know what physiological and physical "downsides"/strains of such a job. I've heard mixed opinions, but I would like to read more into it....

#military #future #navy