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Madisyn D. Jan 23, 2018 299 views

what do you need to know to be a cheerleader

I want to be a cheerleader because you can go to different countrys and states to see the it is like when you go on coptesens #cheerleading #extracurricular #sports...


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Carmen N. Mar 19, 2018 404 views

Can I cheer in college while doing the military?

I am a student athlete at my high school. I'm a 3rd year varsity player and Captain on our varsity cheerleading team. Cheerleading gives me the opportunity to break boundaries for myself and has helped me become a better student. I wish to continue my cheerleading career in college but I also...

#military #cheerleading #education

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Aliza T. May 18, 2016 468 views

Are scholarships helpful for sports as in dance or cheerleading as well? Not just school itself or for sports get a job?

I want to do a sport to have fun in college. I'm going to be a mortician, fun time is always needed. #sports #dance #studying-tips #scholarship #mortician...