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What is the best way to get into car sales or real estate?

I wanna know the best way to start off in the industry because I don't really know anyone in the industry. #real-estate

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3 answers

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Alasia’s Answer

Hi Ethan. So the best way to start off in the industry is to have savings to help you float your business while you contact EVERYONE you know making sure they know your a realtor. You want to start off by leveraging your Sphere Of Influence (SOI). Friends, Family, neighbors, teachers, people you’ve done business with, your mechanic etc. everyone you can think of. And you want to choose what you will be good at First because it’s easy to get pulled in multiple directions in the beginning as you try to determine what methods yield your best financial results. For example will you be a buyers agent, a sellers agent, focusing on For Sale By Owner (FSBO) conversions, expired or withdrawn conversions, neighborhood farming. You see if you try to do them all you’ll have a hard time being consistent and fully devoted. Being a realtor is a Sales position. You’re constantly selling yourself, your expertise, your ability so that if or when someone is looking to buy or sell your the person they think of. You want to lead with contribution providing your SOI and everyone you meet useful industry information in a natural way so they see you as an expert. You’ll be making phone calls daily, emailing, texting, messaging and any other method you can think of to get in front of people. Networking! This business does cost up front so make sure your ready for the financial responsibility first. After you pay for your class and exam/license, you will have monthly dues to pay your brokerage. (I’m with Keller Williams Realty) You’ll have to pay for signs, postage, letterhead all the things an entrepreneur needs to start And run a business. It will cost to market yourself and a property once you get a client. So be prepared. And yes like the other answer says most brokerages have programs to help you succeed. Close a brokerage that offers lots of FREE/INCLUDED training. If you feel that’s not enough they will most likely have a program that you can “pay” for, four a little more personal training. They may ask that if or when you do complete a transaction that you give them a % of your commission. Keep in mind this will be in addition to what you will already be paying your brokerage. Which is why I recommend you go with a brokerage that has lots of training included in your brokerage fee. Your obviously going into business to make money not give it so away. Lastly you may choose to join a team. This way you will be working with other more experienced agents from the start. I believe this may also “cost” but these methods may be worth it to guarantee your success.

Long answer, but I hope that helps.

Alasia recommends the following next steps:

Save up while you study for your license
Get license
Purchase all you’ll need to set yourself up for success and look the part! Signs etc.
Tell EVERYONE!! Leverage your relationships by sharing information not JUST asking for a sale.
Be consistent. Follow up is key. Use a database to keep record of contracts and build relationships. It will take time.

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Ethan, well first of all what made you interested in these two careers? Do you have a passion for working with people? Are you willing to make the commitment and sacrifice is necessary to succeed? Car sales is nights weekends, etc. you can make good money, but the turnover rate is high because of the odd working hours.

As for real estate. As previously mentioned it’s going to be some financial investment. But more importantly it’s about learning to network and market yourself to others. Real estate is a very competitive industry. But it can be rewarding if you’re in it for the long-haul and to help people. If you’re in it just to try to make money you probably won’t succeed! so instead of asking yourself how do I get into these industries. I would ask yourself why you want to be in these industries. I will say becoming a car salesman is easier initially then becoming a realtor. Good luck and follow your passion!

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Rick’s Answer

Hi Ashland,

Those are some great career aspirations. I know that our local real estate companies (Berkshire and ReMax) actually have preceptor programs). You can try emailing some local real estate companies near you and inquire about preceptor programs. Good luck.