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takius’s Avatar
takius Mar 11, 2021 719 views

how to i get into Real estate


ethan’s Avatar
ethan Sep 16, 2020 477 views

What is the best way to get into car sales or real estate?

I wanna know the best way to start off in the industry because I don't really know anyone in the industry. #real-estate

Will’s Avatar
Will Feb 25, 2022 516 views

What kinds of licenses do you need to be a real estate agent?

I like to research topics that may help me in the future. I want to know more about everything.

Ximena’s Avatar
Ximena Mar 02, 2022 601 views

What is the average salary for work in business Administration ????

I want to transfer a business from Nacional to International .
#entrepreneur #business #accounting

Soren’s Avatar
Soren Mar 02, 2022 350 views

Where are these research jobs typically located at?

I want to develop new shoe and running apparel to innovate the sport of long-distance professional runners. #running #sports #apparel #research

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Mar 02, 2022 323 views

what level of education should i go for to succeed in my career ?

#education #career #teaching

Blanca’s Avatar
Blanca Mar 03, 2022 375 views

If I want to go to a good college, which ones would you recommend me?

I live in Texas, I wonder how long it will take me if I become a bestselling author and what type of education I can get. #education #college #college-major

Brylee’s Avatar
Brylee Mar 03, 2022 394 views

What degree would I want if I plan on going into Environmental Science?

I'm not exactly sure what I want to do, so should I keep it more generalized, or go for something more specific? #environmental-science #college

jaydin’s Avatar
jaydin Mar 03, 2022 281 views

Whats the most difficult thing to do when trying to become a computer engineer?

#computer-science #engineer #computer

jaydin’s Avatar
jaydin Mar 03, 2022 241 views

Is there anything that I should be doing outside of school to become a computer engineer?

I am in 10th grade and love computers. #computer-engineering

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 23, 2016 957 views

I'm interested in mathematics and computer coding, what careers are available

I love both algebra and computer coding and would like to combine both in a career, what may be available and what colleges and majors should i be looking at #computer-software #computer #mathematics #algebra

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah May 13, 2016 870 views

What sort of classes are involved in a Math Major?

Math is something that I enjoy doing and am very good at, and I would like to pursue it as my major in preparation for medical school. I feel that it would increase my critical thinking skills and my problem-solving skills. However, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of classes I...

Makiya’s Avatar
Makiya Feb 22, 2021 454 views

How do you apply for a job as an Accounting?

I love Math, love to teach and help others. #mathematics #small-business #math

s’s Avatar
s May 13, 2016 1319 views

How can I get better at math?

I don't understand math. #mathematics #math

jeffrey’s Avatar
jeffrey Aug 15, 2018 475 views

where do the student in the masters program for mathematics go to, like a typical classroom or meeting conference room for one on one teaching?

i noticed in the mathematics masters program at my University (UW), all the masters​ levels classes, there are only like 5 students​, sometimes 2 students. where do they go to have a lecture​s with the professor? do they just meet up with the proffsor ​at his office or in a regular big room...