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Real estate
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Isaac M.’s Avatar
Isaac M. Sep 06, 2019 271 views

What skills are required for your job

I am a student in Brennan High School and I wanted to know more about being a electrician construction...


Allison S.’s Avatar
Allison S. May 14, 2020 266 views

How can I find a good place to be a real estate agent?

I am an eighth grader and want to be a real estate agent. I want to know where the best places to sell real estate would be. Would it be in upcoming cities or the suburbs? Basically, where are the most people looking to buy or sell houses. houses home...


Paridhi L.’s Avatar
Paridhi L. May 26, 2020 352 views

What factors should one be aware of when one starts an organization?

I have previous experience with working with an organization. I currently have started my own organization and am currently working on establishing it as an unincorporated organization. entrepreneur STEM...


ethan S.’s Avatar
ethan S. Sep 16, 2020 261 views

What is the best way to get into car sales or real estate?

I wanna know the best way to start off in the industry because I don't really know anyone in the industry....


Keon G.’s Avatar
Keon G. Sep 22, 2020 435 views

How many houses do you sell a month?

I would like to be a realtor. I love houses! I play this game called "Bloxburg" I design and build houses. I would love to become a realtor one day. realtor Roblox Bloxburg HouseDesigner...


Brandon D.’s Avatar
Brandon D. Oct 27, 2020 194 views

does staying in college longer help me do better in real estate

Im trying to figure out how long i should be in college so when I go into real estate I can be the best business...


Gvonta H.’s Avatar
Gvonta H. Nov 13, 2020 293 views

Do you go to trade school or college to become a entrepreneur?

I want to become a entrepreneur when I grow up, so I want to know what I have to do to go about that. I want to learn the best strategies to becoming a entrepreneur. entrepreneurship entrepreneur buisness...


Kaiah W.’s Avatar
Kaiah W. Nov 13, 2020 210 views

What tips do you have for starting a business?

I'm a Sophomore in high school, and I thinking about becoming an entrepreneur in the clothing/fashion industry. What do I need to know in order to be successful? business fashion entrepreneur...