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What was it like when you were first starting your business

I’m in high school and I’m looking to be an entrepreneur and own multiple businesses entrepreneur business-development business beginning

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4 answers

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Kendrick’s Answer

Hi Asajj,

Starting a business can be very tedious but rewarding in the end. When starting a business you can expect loss within the first couple of years until you build your company and clientele. I'm yet still in the process of creating and starting my business. In a couple of months I'm working with a professional strategists to give me other insights into my business. Whatever industry you are desiring to enter, you want to understand the consumer, target markets and trends are some of the first steps. Remember it's ok to start small because major companies started small. I would suggestions going out or do an online poll or surgery of what people want within your industry.
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Peninsula Commercial Real’s Answer

Hi - Being an entrepreneur and starting your own business can be scary but it's definitely a rewarding experience. I started my own business after working for corporations for about 15 years. I wish I would have done it 5 years sooner. My recommendation is to get experience and make contacts and connections before venturing out on your own. Once you have established yourself in the business and have built a good reputation in that particular industry, then you can feel more confident and comfortable in taking that calculated risk. This could be sooner for some or longer like me but ultimately if you want to be an entrepreneur and be your own boss and control your own future, then I say be bold and go for it but prepare accordingly. Good Luck!!

Peninsula Commercial Real recommends the following next steps:

Work for a larger company and get experience first
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Bridget’s Answer

Regardless of the business you want to start you need a business plan. To create a Business you need to network and gather intel on other companies in the market. Most businesses can start online if you have a product or base service. Depending on the business you can start for as little as a few thousand and for a franchise 150K. Hope this helps.
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Michael’s Answer

Hi, first you need to decide what type of business you want to own. I went on my own 40 years ago businesswise. Things have changed a lot since then! Today you have social media and the Internet to advertise, etc. But competition is fierce in most businesses! It’s very important to find out what type of business you would be passionate about. Many people start things and never finish. Hence they do not succeed that way.

So you are going to want to read and network and gather as much information as you can, in the field that interest you the most. Don’t expect it to be easy. Because nothing is. You will succeed with integrity and relentless effort! Good luck!