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What are a few of the jobs you can have with a masters degree in nursing?

I wish to become a pediatric nurse eventually, but I have to become a certified Registered nurse first. I am a senior in high school looking for a future career as a nurse for children. #career #high-school #pediatrics

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3 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

This is an awesome career field to go into. In order to become a pediatric nurse, based on the following link (https://www.herzing.edu/become/pediatric-nurse), you will need to complete the steps listed below, approximately:

1. Understand the specialized role of a pediatric nurse
2. Earn your nursing degree
3. Pass the NCLEX-RN exam
4. Become a registered nurse (RN)
5. Gain experience in a pediatric facility
6. Take the Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) exam
7. Start your career as a pediatric nurse

In addition, here is a blog (https://www.franklin.edu/blog/what-can-you-do-with-a-masters-in-nursing) that talks about some other fields that are in demand for nurses with a Masters Degree.

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Melissa’s Answer

So many opportunities.
Here are a few masters programs to choose from, depending on which patient population you enjoy working with:
Family Nurse Practitioner (treat patients throughout the life-span)
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (newborns)
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (children)
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner (elderly/adult)
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (OB/GYN)
Nurse Midwife (Women in pregnancy/delivery of baby)
Nurse Anesthetist (puts patient to 'sleep' in operating room)
Nursing Informatics (computer systems)
Nursing Administration (management)
Nursing Education (teaches concepts in hospital or to nursing students)

Have a wonderful nursing career encouraging and taking care of your patients!

Melissa recommends the following next steps:

Receive RN (now you can work anywhere, in any unit, as a registered nurse)
Receive BSN (more opportunities, such as management, and hospitals who only accept bachelor prepared nurses)
Receive MSN in the field you desire
Can even receive DNP (doctor of nursing practice) or PhD in nursing (doctor of philosophy in nursing)

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Phyllis’s Answer

In order to become an RN you have to go to a four year college and major in nursing. Then you have to apply to nursing school after you get your bachelors in nursing degree. From there you can go into your specialty, which you say you want to work in peds or pediatrics.

You can also become an RN with just an associates degree (ADN) at a community college! A great - and cheaper - alternative! From there, the world of nursing is open to you, including advancing your education to the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level! I love nursing- so many opportunities! Melissa Haltom, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

How do jobs for Master's in nursing degrees and BS in nursing differ? Gurpreet Lally

With some MSN degrees, the RN becomes an APRN and this means that in addition to the duties of an RN, they now can work in a role that is comparable with an MD. For example, I am an APRN, FNP-C (Certified Family Nurse Practitioner). I see my own patients, perform comprehensive assessments, perform procedures (like pap smears, sutures, Nexplanon insertion, biopsies), order necessary diagnostics (labs, x-rays, ultrasounds, mammograms), diagnose acute and chronic diseases, prescribe medications, make referrals, etc. An RN is not qualified to do those types of activities. Of course, there are also other types of Masters degrees in Nursing like Nursing Education (teach nurses or hospital staff), Nursing Informatics (work with computer programs), Nursing Management.. Melissa Haltom, MSN, APRN, FNP-C