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jaycie T. Sep 16, 2020 138 views

What are a few of the jobs you can have with a masters degree in nursing?

I wish to become a pediatric nurse eventually, but I have to become a certified Registered nurse first. I am a senior in high school looking for a future career as a nurse for children. #career #high-school...


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Lavche B. Oct 02, 2020 170 views

How do I get in a good college?

Do your best in high school try and get a 4.0 GPA and do your best and be good in all your classes and make the best choises as you can possible make! #school...


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Jasmine A. Oct 02, 2020 134 views

My statement is being a Funeral director can be some good in my life and take the focus off of negative things i go through!

Life is short so i would like to enjoy life as much as i can. I will like to continue doing some that my past generation were and still doing. #life...


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Shawanda W. Oct 02, 2020 77 views
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Jenny G. Oct 05, 2020 165 views

What do I do after graduating high school and want to work with crimes and figuring them out? Criminology perhaps

hello! I have some questions because i really don’t know what to do after I graduate especially when you’re the first one in the family to go through this. im absolutely interested in going to college and get a degree in criminology,but I don’t know for how long,what the degree will get me...

#help #career #high-school #criminaljustice #college #criminology

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Ester S. Oct 09, 2020 146 views

I don't what job I'm good at I wanna be a nurse but I'm scared I will fail

I'm 18 and out of school and looking for a good and a permanent job that I will enjoy I love helping people I really want to be a nurse but I'm scared I won't pass the test in college or I would to work in an office in all I really don't know what I'm good at...


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Ethan G. Oct 12, 2020 489 views

How should I go about asking questions in job interviews?

I am a communications and film double major wanting a career in the entertainment industry. #career-choice #jobs #networking...


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Devon S. Oct 12, 2020 97 views
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Yavor S. Oct 14, 2020 61 views

Follow up question

#career I’m interested in learning about what A Day in the Life is like for an Antiques Dealer. So far I have learned that those people have to know a lot of history, ​but​ ​I​ ​would​ ​also​ ​like​ ​to​ ​know​ how do the people learn about the quality/shape of the items they're selling or...

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Owen S. Oct 23, 2020 61 views

What is the training like when becoming an Electrician?

I am a high school student looking at becoming an electrician after graduating. I would just like a description of what companies will have you do for your training before starting the job. #technology...


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Alec S. Oct 26, 2020 110 views

Do business owners work seven days a week?

HI, I'm Alec and I don't know what career I want to be later in life and I need some help with a few possible careers that I could be involved in for the rest of my working life. #life #career...


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Nathan L. Oct 26, 2020 126 views

What would you consider to be the most useful degree in the 21st century?

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm currently a senior in high school and looking to attend college and achieve a degree. I currently have no definitive plan on where I'm going to go to college or what I'm going to do after high school. As a professional, what advice would you give me as a senior in high...

#career #degree #success #money #future #college