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How to make money from home?

I am a kid in 9th grade and i want to get paid #money #job

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8 answers

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John’s Answer

You read that right Elija. It’s entirely possible to make a work-from-home career out of playing video games — that is, if you’re good enough or interesting enough.

BECOME A VIDEO GAME BETA TESTER – Every video game needs to go through beta testing before it hits the general market. This can be an interesting and fun way to earn some extra money. But be aware you probably won't be working with popular video games. Instead, it'll be ones that haven't hit the market yet. Companies are looking to test their games with real users before bringing them to market. You may find some of the games you're working with aren't terribly exciting, or they may have serious glitches. But that's why companies look for people to test them out first. Your job will be to identify flaws or ways to improve the product before it goes to market. The upside of becoming a beta tester is that you can make a lot of money doing it. The difficult part is finding companies who will hire you. The best approach is to develop a strong social media presence, complete with a large following, that might get you noticed by video game companies. If you do, they'll be coming to you.

BECOME A VIDEO GAME REVIEWER – If you have an interest in many different video games, you can earn money by becoming a video game reviewer. This is similar to blogging – in fact, you could even create a blog for this purpose. But you can also do it through YouTube, or on popular selling sites like eBay and Amazon.com. The basic idea is to become a respected review source of video games. As you build up a following, people will come to rely on your opinions. You can earn money by selling the video games you review on an affiliate basis (the manufacturer or distributor will pay you a percentage of each sale you make from your website or video). There's no guarantee how much money you'll make. It depends on the popularity of your site or videos because most of your income will come as advertising. If you're able to grow your audience into the thousands, you may get video game companies advertising directly. If it reaches that stage, you'll have a steady stream of passive income.

VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENTS – Video games often develop communities, and they can be quite active – and competitive. The competitiveness leads to tournaments, and that leads to prizes. It's not the same as getting a steady income, but if you have the fortitude to engage in ongoing tournaments, the prizes can be quite generous. One example is Call of Duty. Thousands of people play this game, but for some, it rises to become very competitive. That's where the potential payoff is. You get involved with teams and meet up online and either play together as a team or “every man for himself.” Call of Duty has several different gameplay modes, including online multiplayer as well as zombies. Some of the new games allow for multiplayer campaigns. Whether you work with a team or by yourself, you can go into the playoffs and move on to the championships. If you get into the finals, video game tournaments work very similarly to the regular sporting events. Winning tournaments can result in cash payouts. Exactly how much you can make will depend on the interest in the tournament, and it varies from one to the next.

BECOME A VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER – If you prefer coding over gameplay, then this is the ideal way to earn money in the gaming industry. Major players in the gaming industry, such as Blizzard and Ubisoft hire game developers at an average starting salary of $83,000. However, you’ll need to be able to handle working under pressure. Game developers have a full plate, and you can expect to work long hours and over weekends and public holidays, especially when it’s close to the games launch date. If you don’t like the thought of working for someone, then you can always start a company yourself. The most successful example of an independent game developer is Markus Persson, the person responsible for creating the popular game, “Minecraft.” Markus founded “Mojang,” and Microsoft eventually bought him out for a whopping price tag of $2.5-billion. All you need to replicate their success is a good idea and some help from business professionals.

It’s never been easier to create your own website, and gaming sites have some of the highest traffic around. You could start a website reviewing games and if you build a large enough audience you will start to get free review copies of games and other types of sponsorships. I don’t recommend you jump in and try to become the next Polygon, Destructoid or Games Radar as these sites have been around for years and are run by huge corporations with big budgets and you will never be able to compete in the search engines. I recommend you pick a smaller niche in which you have expert knowledge to share. For example you might choose a particular game, a particular console or genre of games (FPS, RTS, RPG etc ) and dive deep in to that subject, providing more in depth content you won’t find on the larger sites.

Good Luck Elija

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Alan’s Answer

Finding a career that you can work from home is a great idea, but remember nothing is perfect and there are still challenges even at your own house.

Sales is a very fun and rewarding career, each day is different and interesting and you get to meet some very fun people along the way. Sales, like most things, becomes better with experience. Just like the above suggestions, try selling other items or just talking to people and understanding how people think when they 'buy' something.

What do you think about before you buy something? Do you look at other options? What would be 1 thing that would make you change your mind?

So many of the top people across all field and jobs - all have experience in sales or selling so you are on the right track!

ok and thx Elijah D.

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Jac’s Answer

Start a business. Make something that you can sell. Re-sell something for a higher price. Ask friends, family, and neighbors if they have any jobs for you to do because you're looking to make your own money. In high school I tutored, did admin work for my sister in her financial planning office, offered IT support (especially to the elderly), and eventually got a job at an ice cream shop. If you can get paid without a W2 (an ice cream shop would require a W2, but tutoring didn't require a W2), I'd recommend that. Could you build a website for someone? Mow someone's lawn? Mark Cuban from Shark Tank went door-to-door selling trash bags. A friend of mine while in high school bought polo shirts from the Navy Exchange (super cheap prices) and re-sold them out of the trunk of his car to his friends (polo shirts were all the rage at the time).

thanks i liked selling things so i will pick that one thx again Elijah D.

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christine’s Answer

Hi Elijah-
I like your entrepreneurial spirit!
Some ideas I have are-
Delivering newspapers -You can use a bicycle if needed-
cutting lawns
shoveling snow-
Put up postings at stores and around town that you can help elderly people
with chores in their homes.
Ask your family and neighbors for their ideas.
Good luck!

thanks alot Elijah D.

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Pouyan’s Answer

-Become a Transciptionist, where you type out audio files and all you need is good english grammer (apply on sites like Scribie, CastingWords, Daily Transcription, TranscribeMe)

-Freelance Writing (you can publish an e-book, or articles on any topic you know a lot about; there's lots of websites too that hire freelance writers)

-Affiliate Marketing or Referral Programs (for almost any company or brand, they give good money for referring your friends or even getting commission for it ); or digital marketing and advertising for any product

-Start blogging and create your own website (you can make money in a lot of ways through that such as affiliate marketing)

-Online shop (ex: Etsy, or putting one on your own website) - to sell hand-made crafts, art, or anything else you want to sell

-Sell Tee-shirt (ex: Printful or other sites like that where you use their pre-made templates or your own and sell it, it's super easy and it's one of the best ways to start making money online/from home)

-Sell your old textbooks, or other things on Craisglist, E-bay, Amazon, or any other avenue

-Offer personal services (ex: Fivver is a really good site, and people offer all kinds of personal services and set their own prices such as art, writing, website design, etc.)

-Make an online e-course (over any topic/area that you have a lot of knowledge or expertise in)

-Online Sales Representative (There are soooo many companies that hire for this type of job remotely so if customer service is something you are good at, just apply for this; if you search in sites like ZipRecruiter, Lensa, JobRapido they give you all the current openings)

-Make your own YouTube videos, create your own channel (if you are into that sort of thing, it's a great way to attract tons of people and turn it into a business)

-Online Tutoring (there's lots of online tutoring companies such as Tutor.com and Brainfuse)

-Do Surveys, Play Games, and Watch videos for money (on sites like Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, etc.)

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Bryce’s Answer

Hi Elijah,

As a 9th grader there are not going to be any options to make money from home. Most jobs require you to 16 to begin with and most of those jobs are not available right now from a virtual setting. That being said if you are talking about down the road, a lot of opportunities exist for you to work from home. I would recommend finding what you want to do and our passionate about, then look for job opportunities in that area that can be done from home.

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Logan’s Answer

I would explore jobs that align with your interests, as these are the jobs you will be most successful and motivated at. I used to love anything with a motor and being outside, so I started mowing lawns at age 12. My single client blossomed into 15 clients in 5 years with great pay. In addition, I was fascinated with cars so I started detailing cars on the side as well. That side hustle turned into steady stream of clients with excellent pay. All of these jobs built foundational skills that have proven extremely valuable in my current career.

Good luck!

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Gina’s Answer

Just a few thoughts:
Delivery services
Lawn work for neighbors and/or miscellaneous chores