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How is it to work in the fashion industry as a fashion critic and a fashion director? What major should I take to become a figure in the fashion industry but not from a dress-making part?

I am an aspiring entrepreneur to start an own fashion brand, I can do fashion illustration and sew as well but likes the business part of fashion more than actually making them. I also hold a certificate from Parsons's course. #fashion #fashion-shows #media-and-fashion #fashion-design #fashion-industry

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2 answers

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Caitlin (Cat)’s Answer

A fashion critic and fashion director are two different sides of the industry. Best to find which you like most and work towards growing the relevant skill set.

For you to be a fashion critic you would need a strong understanding of the fashion industry as a whole as well as its history. However I imagine most importantly you’d need a writing or journalism degree.

As a fashion director this is usually referring to those in editorial. They are editors and stylists who work their way up. Perhaps consider an internship in a magazine as a starting point.

Thank you so much! Clara N.

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Caz’s Answer

Hi Clara,

If you're looking for more of the business-side of the house (aka buyer or marketer) I'd recommend Merchandising. If you'd like something more like Fashion director which is more visual--I would take general art classes with a focus on Fashion Design.

Every school is different, and ultimately get your hands dirty, try an internship or a summer job at a fashion house / department.

Thank you! Clara N.