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What majors are good to be going into becoming a Veterinarian?

I'm attending college this coming fall and I plan to major in biology. I'm wondering what other majors are out there that would qualify for going into vet school. veterinarian veterinary-medicine

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3 answers

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Alice’s Answer

The requirements for veterinary school does not require a specific major, but completion of specific courses. Most of these courses are science courses (biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, etc), so the majority of people who go to veterinary school are science majors (biology, physiology, animal science, etc). However, there are plenty of veterinary students who had bachelor of arts degrees and just completed the core course requirements.

Veterinary school (and any type of medical profession) has a very heavy science-based curriculum, so having a good foundation in the sciences would only make the veterinary coursework easier to grasp.

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Estelle’s Answer

Most veterinarian students are in science majors. Those are the best preparation for vet school.
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Dennis’s Answer

Bachelor's Degree Programs with Pre-Veterinary Options
Animal science.
Molecular biology.
Organic and inorganic chemistry.