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New jobs that did't exist before

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

I am a student in my junior year I'm just curious in different careers.

I wanted to know if there were any jobs you currently work did not exist during your high school year? #career #jobs #life

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Jared’s Answer

Updated Palo Alto, California

Hi Arisleily. That's a very interesting question. I wonder what you're hoping to learn... Yes, new jobs are being created all the time. Pick any new industry (electric cars for example) and you'll find new jobs (electric car battery engineer). But that doesn't mean the job is completely new. Even the electric car battery engineer is doing work that many electrical engineers have done in the past, but within a new context. Here's another example: the role of social media manager wasn't something that existed when I was in high school, for the very simple reason that we didn't have social media (at least, not anything that we'd consider social media today). That job is new. But of course we did have lots of other marketing jobs that were closely related. Today's social media managers were doing other things fifteen years ago. So there's an important lesson there: your career can be fluid, and can adapt with changes in the environment in which you work. Picking a career field where there's a lot of growth and innovation can be a great way to make sure that you'll have lots of work opportunities.

But it's not always easy to pick the winning part of an industry. You might have looked at the publishing industry and said "there's a lot of change going on in that industry, so I'm going to get a job there." That would have been fine for you if you decided to join a company like Amazon which is disrupting the publishing industry. But what if you became a typesetter at a printing plant? You'd be in a tough spot right now, as the printing of books is in decline, and the job of typesetters has become automated and computerized. So there's definitely some uncertainty involved whenever you're thinking about new jobs.

One of the neat ways to discover new jobs is to read or watch the news and take note every time you hear of a new company or a new industry. Imagine how that industry might change the world, and what kinds of people might be needed to work in that industry. It will clue you in to where the job market might be headed. Do something valuable!

Wow Thank You so much for your detailed answer it is very helpful mostly about taking notes it definitely did answer my question.

Vivian’s Answer

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Hi Arisleily,

Great question indeed. When I was in high school, the title for what I was interested in was called "Graphic Artist", which changed to "Graphic Design", and then evolved into different categories of design "UI (User Interface) Design" and "UX (User Experience) Design". With the growth of technology, new careers will be created. Good luck!

it is amazing how technology changes lots of things Thank You for answering my question
No problem. The founder of my company, Reed Hoffman, wrote a book on adapting to the change of the job market. It's an interesting read if you want to learn more. :) http://www.thestartupofyou.com/
of course I will take a look into this I'm curious where most the jobs will be heading towards the future Thank You again
Awesome. I would love to send one to you. I'm sure they have some laying around.