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What i need to do to become a model in the future?

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Mario’s Answer

Beauty and Modeling industry have set some standards for a person to be a model (height, weight, etc...). There are some things that you can work on in order to be a successful model such as weight, body toning, look and style while there are some other things that you will not be able to change such as your skin color, your height, your ethnicity.

Regardless of all of the above, my advise to you is to be proud of who you are. With time, you will realize that beauty radiates from the inside. it is very important to meet some industry standards to become a model but without losing your principles and beliefs. Unfortunately, modeling world focuses too much on external beauty which leaves models feeling as if they are "objects" rather than "human beings". Enjoy your dream of becoming a model while remaining grounded. Time will come when you will have to stop modeling; when it does it will be very important to be able to answer the question "who am I?". I believe that if you are able to move ahead and respond something other than "I am an ex-model" this will mean that you have succeeded as a model and you will surely succeed as a person later on.

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Sendil’s Answer

If you wish to become a model, you need to have required the follow skills:
No hesitation
No problem for facing camera
Pleasing personality
Attractive face
You must be bold
Smiling face
Good physique
Good communication skill
English proficiency