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DeVontaysha M. Oct 02, 2020 118 views
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A G. Oct 03, 2020 135 views

How do I know if I would enjoy being a teacher.

I'm 18 years old and I have been thinking about possibly becoming a teacher. I've worked as a tutor at a Kumon facility before and I loved working with the kids, however, it was also very frustrating when kids would not listen. I know that it is normal to obviously be frustrated but part of me...

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Jenny G. Oct 05, 2020 165 views

What do I do after graduating high school and want to work with crimes and figuring them out? Criminology perhaps

hello! I have some questions because i really don’t know what to do after I graduate especially when you’re the first one in the family to go through this. im absolutely interested in going to college and get a degree in criminology,but I don’t know for how long,what the degree will get me...

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Samyukta S. Oct 05, 2020 92 views

Can a clinical psychologist also be a psychology professor (at the same time)?

#psychology #professors #professor #phd Edit:- I thought it would be useful if I mentioned the country too (in which I would like to practice/teach). I think, most likely, the...