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Some questions I would like to ask a psychiatric nurse professional are the following- 1. What are some challenges you face on the job? 2. What accomplishments have you made while working as a psychiatric nurse? 3. What do you find yourself needing to work on? 4. Do you continuously learn new things everyday about your patients or career? 5. If you didn’t choose this career path what would have been your next option?

I would describe myself as social, confident, driven, and trustworthy. I’m also vary vigilant and pay a lot of attention to details. I think this is because I watch a lot of crime shows and I’m constantly trying to figure things out lol. As you can see I also have an energetic spirit but I can be quite shy when I meet new people, but that’s something I can always work on. career college medicine healthscience

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2 answers

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Karen’s Answer

Although I am not a psychiatric nurse, my daughter was under their care during an inpatient stay when she was in high school. She said that she was blessed to be cared by ones that showed empathy, love and concern. As you can imagine, it was a very scary experience for her to be admitted, but when she realized the nurses truly cared about her wellbeing, she began to trust them and accept their help along with that of the doctors and counsellors. Nursing is a calling, psychiatric nursing is a vocation. I am sure you will touch many lives and make a difference in our world!
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Sarah’s Answer

Hi Heather!
Great questions - I can tell you've thought a lot about this career option. It sounds like you are interested in doing an informational interview with a nurse. I've found this resource to be very helpful: One area you could consider is reaching out to a medical school and inquire if they have an admissions office that could help answer some of these questions. If the admissions office cannot answer them ask if they have any students (sometimes schools have student ambassadors) that could help you learn more.