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Shan Jan 25, 2021 1364 views

I am somewhat interested in STEM, but I don't really know what specifically I wanna do?

I am a bit interested in engineering, possibly heading down the medical route, cog sci, I'm not really sure #tech #women-in-stem #stem #tech #stemcareers #medical #cognitive-science #engineering #medicalschool

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Geraldine Jan 25, 2021 855 views

Which good courses can i do with this subjects👉(maths,life sciences,Geography and agricultural sciences)

#general #career

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Marissa Jan 26, 2021 528 views

Should teachers certify in special education even if that will not be there major?


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Zen Jan 26, 2021 774 views

Nursing School Interview

I have a Nursing School Interview. Does anyone have sample questions that could help me. #interview #nursingschool #interview-preparation

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Heather Oct 16, 2020 406 views

Some questions I would like to ask a psychiatric nurse professional are the following- 1. What are some challenges you face on the job? 2. What accomplishments have you made while working as a psychiatric nurse? 3. What do you find yourself needing to work on? 4. Do you continuously learn new things everyday about your patients or career? 5. If you didn’t choose this career path what would have been your next option?

I would describe myself as social, confident, driven, and trustworthy. I’m also vary vigilant and pay a lot of attention to details. I think this is because I watch a lot of crime shows and I’m constantly trying to figure things out lol. As you can see I also have an energetic spirit but I can...

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lainy Jan 21, 2021 482 views

How much schooling does an Interior Designer need to have?

What colleges in the midwest, specialize in design? #colleges

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Aiden Jan 22, 2021 525 views

I am a senior graduating this May, and I'm wondering what degree I should pursue if I want to be a sports broadcaster. What degree(s) did you obtain?

As someone who has been involved in sports my entire life, sports broadcasting seems like an intriguing career for me. I believe I understand sports extremely well and I even do my own analysis of some games. In addition, I have a 4.14 GPA and I am curious as to what steps to take after high...