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how in demand is a psychologist

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2 answers

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Jason’s Answer

Depending on what type of psychologist you are referring to. Traditional, clinically trained psychologists will be in high demand for the forseeable future. In addition to their clinical duties, licensed psychologists provide standardized testing for students, as well as medically involved procedures which is trending upward.
We live in a society that values data and testing outcomes greatly.
You should look into the specific types of psychologists however as they can vary tremendously. Check out the bureau of labor and statistics for specific information.
Best of luck
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Janet’s Answer

You should always be able to find a job as a psychologist. Agencies throughout the country are always looking to hire.

Hi Janet, could you expand on this a bit? For example, is it easier to find a job in certain places than others? With certain qualifications? etc. Alexandra Carpenter, Team

I live in a major city and the openings are usually in the suburbs. If you have a bilingual certificate in Spanish as I do, you may be able to negotiate a salary that is 30% higher than the teacher's salary schedule. Janet Marcus