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What careers could I pursue with a degree in chemistry or biochemistry?

I really like organic chemistry and I find molecular biology pretty interesting. I just want to know what my options would be if I were to get a degree in chemistry or biochemistry, and what those careers are like. I'm already thinking about being a research chemist or a chemical engineer or a forensic scientist. What else is there though? #chemistry #molecular-biology #organic-chemistry

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2 answers

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Martin’s Answer

You are stepping on really interesting field. Everything around molecular biology-biochemistry-organic chemistry can be used in jobs within pharmaceutics, medicine, food industry and connected research as well as forensic. It gives you the the opportunity to be a part or leading a team in a high-tech lab working on new drugs to cure diseases, searching for molecular reasons for them or working on forensic analysis. May be you´ll be the one who finds the solution to aging. You can work for either government (forensic/bio-tech research) or private pharmaceutics/bio-tech research/food companies.
Hope this helps a bit.

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Savita’s Answer

Chemical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry are very different things. Engineering is the application of theoretical knowledge gained from sciences, engineering interdisciplinary, while chemistry of biochemistry would be core sciences where you would not learn much about the application part. You should try taking these courses at your undergraduate level to be able to decide which of these you would like better.