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What are the steps to becoming a family social worker

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2 answers

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Wayne’s Answer

Hi Emily. These are the common steps to take in order to begin your career as a social worker:

- Research if a Career in Social Work is Right For You
- Complete Education Requirements
- Research Graduate Education Options
- Pursue Accredited MSW Graduate Education
- Apply for Licensure as a Social Worker in Your State
- Begin Career as a Social Worker
- Complete Continuing Education Requirements


Good luck!
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Carla’s Answer

You could major in social work in college to become most prepared, but a lot of degrees will work to get you into social services : Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice. If you choose to major in social work then you will have opportunities to have internships at organizations in your area, and you can probably choose one of those internships to be at your community Division of Children and Family Services, which is what Child Protective Services is now called. If you are more interested in studying a different degree, then you can do/find an internship on your own during the summer. However, you don't need an internship in order to work at DCFS. My degree is in Sociology and I didn't do any internships in college and I found a job right out of college working with families who were mandated services by the court due to their involvement with DCFS. I was also qualified though to go straight to work at DCFS if I had wanted to. Good luck :)

Carla recommends the following next steps:

Major in a liberal arts degree like the ones mentioned
Find a summer internship at DCFS or another social service organization like a community mental health center
You could also intern somewhere you could work with refugees in your town, or the homeless population, an early childhood development center, whatever you're interested in
You could also work part time at one of these organizations in lieu of an internship
Make some contacts that you can use as resources to help you find a job when you graduate