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Do you like working as a waitress?

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2 answers

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Aly’s Answer

I worked as a waitress while I was in high school, and I think it was a hard but rewarding part-time job!

It taught me how to be highly efficient and productive even under extreme time pressure and stress. There's nothing quite as stressful as being the only waitress in a fully packed restaurant! Working as a waitress will also give you experience working with customers, a skill that can be applicable to many other jobs.

Eventually I got a new job as a tutor, which I liked better and was more relaxing, but I don't regret my time as a waitress at all. One final tip: if you can find a waitressing job where they pay you a high hourly salary instead of being based on tips, that can also improve the stability of your income and reduce stress. :)

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Abagail! I worked as a waitress for five years and it is very rewarding. It can be difficult especially if it's your first job-which for me was- but it is important to pay attention to detail, make sure to write down your orders clearly and be attentive to your customers. If you are unsure of an order definitely double check with your customer and your manager to make sure it is right because if it's wrong it can be difficult to change it. Many of my customers became my regulars and sat by my station every time they came into eat. I think waitressing teaches a variety of skills like time management, staying calm, confidence, communications, interpersonal skills, etc. It is also helpful as a college or high school student to make some extra cash!

Best of luck!