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what colleges do you recommend if I want to be a 2cd grade teacher?

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Alison’s Answer

Hi Emily,
Yay for future teachers! We need as many driven, dedicated people as we can get to join this profession. As you’re thinking about which college to choose to major in Elementary Education, I’m afraid there is no one correct answer. You’ll have to do some research to find out which college is best for you. But, I can help you with that research. Try asking yourself these questions:

What state do you want to live in/teach in when you’re done with college? Start by limiting your search to colleges in that state. Since every state has different licensing requirements for teachers, colleges in each state tend to structure their education courses around those specific requirements. It’s much easier to go through an in-state program that will set you up with all the right steps than it is to go through an out-of-state program, move, and find out there are more requirements you have to meet before you can work.
What kind of college appeals to you? A big school with a lot going on and tons of variety? A smaller school where you’ll get more personalized attention? A school in the middle of a city with everything on your doorstep? A rural school where you can have some quiet time with nature? Somewhere up north with 4 seasons and skiing? Somewhere to the south with warm weather and swimming? Close to home? Far from home? A school with an amazing lacrosse team? One where you can join an a cappella choir? Envision what your perfect college might be like, and use your answers to frame your google search. You’ll end up with phrases like “small southwest rural university elementary education” or “New York City suburban university elementary education program”. Those searches will bring you to lists of colleges, and your next step.
Next step:
Look through all those search results. Don’t just read reviews of the colleges, go onto their websites. Look at their admissions requirements and course choices. Read about their education majors. Check out what resources and extracurricular activities exist there. Find out how much it all costs and if they offer any financial aid if you’ll need it. Make your own list of the options you like best and why.
Talk with your support system (family and friends/teachers/guidance counselor) about your choices. See which ones are feeling like your favorites. Choose one that you’re really pretty sure you could definitely get into, a few that you think would be really good and you think you have a shot at getting into, and one that is your absolute dream school. Then, apply to them.

By the time you’ve done your research, you’ll have a much better recommendation for yourself about which college’s elementary education major is best for you.
Good luck with your search and your future career!

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Emily,

I think that choosing any university is a balance of things, not just how good the school is in a certain area. That is a factor, of course, so you should do research to see where the school stands on various subjects. The other aspects to consider when you think of what school to choose depends on what you need. You should consider how you are going to pay for school and if you are going to incur student loans. Do you want to go to school outside of the city or state where you live? You need to consider the added stress of living in a new place. It would be nice if you can to spend at least your first years at school closer to home. I lived away from home and homesickness is a very real thing.