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How much does a top of the line mechanic make?

I have always been interested in mechanical engineering and wanted to know what are the basic tools and knowledge I need to get into this field work when am older. What can I do now to prepare to be a mechanic? #engineer #mechanic

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2 answers

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Nick’s Answer

Mechanical engineering is a very wide field of study and work. A good thing about it is that a person can always find a niche where their talent and interest can lead to a good career. Everything you see around you is within the domain of mechanical engineering. Even nature and the environment is governed by the laws of physics which is the basis of all engineering. You need to cultivate a curiosity and knowledge of materials, how things work and how they are made. The education for this is intense as you learn the laws that govern these things. Mastery of mathematics will be critical however mastery of design software is equally important and automates calculations. I recommend you seek good internships where the practical application of your learning would help you decide which branch of mechanical engineering to follow.

A typical Mechanical Engineer is well paid and can enjoy a middle class to upper middle class lifestyle depending on talent and ambition.

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi Omar
Is a great career, I think the next things are necessary you develop to become a great mechanic:

-Math, phsycis and dynamics
-Building things
-Automate process
-Knowledge in manufacturing process
-Computer and manufacturing by computer
-Electric and electrical knowledge
-Digital circuits knowledge
-Diagrams lecture