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What would I need to do and get to become an Auto Body Mechanic?

Like I want to join the Marines after High School, and I want to take a class to become an Auto Body Mechanic in College. I want to get into being an Mechanic and also being the Body Painter of the Auto Body Mechanic. I would want to know what I would need and do to get to that Career. #mechanic

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2 answers

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Hassan’s Answer

If you do enlist, ask how to get into a mechanic related position in the Marines. That type of training would make it much easier to get a job later.

According to https://study.com/auto_body_mechanic.html most shop are looking for people that either have a certification (there are 4 National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) and/or an associate's degree in auto body repair.

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naveen’s Answer

Hi there, best to start with some high school mechanics followed by a two year college certificate if you can get it. Often you can get employment in the business at a lube shop, dealership, or independent repair facility to start and work your way up. During that time you can study and work on your ASE/NATEF certifications that qualify you to work in most any shop. Most car manufacturers offer apprenticeships if you work for their dealers. Together with on the job training you will become a well rounded automotive technician. Like anything else in life if you want it you can get it.