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what are the best ideas to start when im at college

what is the best tips for college, finding different colleges can be hard but helpful. but i thought maybe college can be useful with tips to start your day off with when you first go into that college it is going to be hard working and tough but a work of art art college experience culinary-arts

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4 answers

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Anita’s Answer

Hi, I have a really great list of things to consider when choosing a college:

Private / Public​Student Number​Tuition (in / out of state): $45,120​Housing Cost: $
National Ranking:​Regional Ranking: ​% Financial Aid:​Endowment:
# Applicants: N/A​Acceptance Rate:​Avg GPA: ​Avg Class size:
% employed after Graduation :​Acceptance Rate to Graduate School:
Internship Placement:​What % graduate in 4 years?​Study Abroad?
​Who gets financial aid?

Interested Major(s):​​​
Major Rank​​​
Specialised Programs​​​
Program Rank​​​

Sports League​ NCAA Division:​# Club Sports: ​# Clubs:
Nearest Airport (& distance from school): ​Public Transit (types, esp. access to Airport):

This should really help illuminate the good colleges for you.

Also an account on Common App and SCIOR let you apply to multiple colleges at once.
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Liana’s Answer

Hi Madison! A really important tip for finding different colleges is to do research online be typing in key terms for professions you might be interested in such as "best colleges for degree in X" (X being whatever you are interested in) and then going from there. Once you have found some schools that you think you might be interested in maybe try sending some emails to the admissions office to see if they can connect you with students who can share personal accounts of their experiences on certain campuses. From there you can identify whether you think a school would be a good fit or not!
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Rachel’s Answer

When you start at college, I think it's helpful to remember that everyone is in a similar boat as you and people are willing to talk and help out. Also, I've realized that it's rewarding when you step outside your comfort zone and try new activities that you didn't think you would do. College is a place to explore different interests so don't hold yourself back by only doing the things that you are familiar with.
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Ryan’s Answer

It's great that you're considering college. College can be very useful in many areas of your life. You can make new friends there, learn new skills and subjects, etc. Stay positive, don't be afraid to try new things. Don't be afraid to take courses that may seem interesting but are outside of your major. Keep your long term goal in mind.