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What advise do you have for a soon-to-be undergraduate aspiring to be a veterinarian?

I realized I absolutely love working with animals and people, and my favorite type of subjects throughout my whole life have been science classes, hence why I want to be a veterinarian. I want to be able to improve the lives of my animal patients, and provide them with the best care I can to ensure that they are healthy and safe. Currently, I am applying as an undergraduate in college, and look towards applying to veterinary school as a graduate. I have done a lot of research on how to become a veterinarian and what classes would be well to take such as STEM classes like calculus, etc. veterinarian veterinary animal-health veterinary-medicine college GivingisCaring

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2 answers

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Julie’s Answer

Hi Tessa! It definitely seems like you have the passion and dedication needed to become a veterinarian. If you're interested in becoming a small animal vet the next step I would recommend is trying to get a part time job at a vet clinic prior to entering your first semester in college. This will allow you to get much more experience with handling animals, observing animal behavior, and educating clients than simply shadowing. If you are interested in a large animal or equine vet, you may be able to find someone in your area who will hire you as well. I also recommend maintaining a support network of family/ friends, keeping up with your hobbies, and working throughout college to reduce your debt prior to entering vet school. Once you get closer to applying, I would start thinking about what would set you apart from all of the other applicants when writing your personal statement. For me it was my interest in behavior, but for others it may be public health, caring for senior pets, etc. Good luck!

Great comment Adelaja Abimbola

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Adelaja’s Answer

It's good you take on side jobs with or without pay at a Veterinary hospital you consider to be the best in your area. Definitely, you will be able to write a motivation based on the great experiences and staff you will encounter at the veterinary clinic. It's good you visit the school you intend to attend for the veterinary classes to get acquainted with their faculty or thier students. Ask students for how the process was and find out what gives success full applicants the edge that qualifies them for admission. I will recommend you run a related blog on your website where you share your passion for animals and on your interview this may help a lot. Give your best shot to your final undergraduate exams and possibly apply to a zoo in your area to serve as an internship or trainee.
All the best.