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What is a piece of advice to become a successful artist.

I am a junior in high school and I love art and am considering going to art school and pursuing art. #art #artist #painting #paint

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3 answers

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Andy’s Answer

Focus on your fundamentals. Make sure that you learn about perspective, composition, anatomy, color theory, etc. Developing your own artistic voice is important, but you should understand the basics and build up from there.

As an added bonus, I think that there are a lot of good points in Neil Gaiman's University of the Arts' commencement address, "Make Good Art": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plWexCID-kA

Thanks for the youtube link! Andrea H.

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Vivian’s Answer

Hi Seinna,

Great choice. :D You actually don't have to go to art school to pursue art. There are plenty of great design programs at city/state colleges and in the meantime, you could finish all your required classes for a fraction of the price. I did that. I went to San Francisco City College and then transferred to San Jose State University. If price is an issue, this might be a better route. Good luck!


Thank you Vivian! What did you major in for this? Sienna R.

I majored in Graphic Design/Digital Media Art (Creating art with technology). :) I mentioned this in another post, but I went to city college and took almost every art class to figure which one I would want to make into a career. Hope this is helpful. :) Vivian Urata

Thank you again Vivian! This was again very helpful and useful. Sienna R.

You're welcome. :) Vivian Urata

thank you for this advice, this has helped me as well. Helem C.

You're welcome Helem. :D Vivian Urata

Just in case you were thinking, maybe a private art school is better than state. https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140506113915-17000124-it-really-doesn-t-matter-to-your-well-being-if-you-went-to-harvard-or-state-u?trk=tod-home-art-list-large_0 Vivian Urata

Thank you Vivian for the answer and the link for the article :) Andrea H.

Anytime Andrea! Vivian Urata

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Sarah’s Answer

Work hard, sketch, paint, draw, study.

These are the basics if you want something. I'm a working artist, but I am yet as successful as I would like to be. I continue trying different things, drawing different ways, making art and crafts that stratify the creator in me while I wait for someone to ask for a personal piece or people to buy my work without fear. You work the crowd knowing what will sale, what could sale, and what you want to sell and make.