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Should I be worried that I don't have enough volunteer experience?

Asked Stanford, California

I've been wanting to volunteer more but I just do not have the time and energy due to full-time studies and work. Should I be concerned that future employment opportunities will be negatively affected by my lack of volunteer experience? #career #volunteering #employment #volunteer

3 answers

Paul A’s Answer

Updated Yorba Linda, California

Calvin! Time to quit worrying. Our imaginations default position is worry. Time to maybe shift your focus on the areas that really interest you and then go to the library and explore the companies, interests and people you've found that interest you. Maybe the founder of Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC, Mark Cuban, Edison, Ford. Bet none of them worried about their volunteer experience. Who are some of your role models - check them out at u tube or google them. Haven't picked out a career field check out the 16 career clusters with your guidance counselor or google it and zero in on a career area or two of them. Spend your time focusing on what you want your life to look like and less time worrying. If you want too! Time to find your voice and learn to sing your song. The bird sings with little concern of what others think of him or her. Why not YOU!

Wayne’s Answer

Updated Cincinnati, Ohio

Calvin, volunteering is a personal choice and should always be considered as a characteristic of your personality instead of a requirement. Colleges and employers look at it to gauge your leadership and drive. Quality is more important than quantity. The fact that you are willing to volunteer is more important than the fact that you wear yourself out by volunteering too much. It is a great characteristic to be driven to volunteer and give back to those who need it. It is another thing to be so concerned about volunteering that you do it just because you believe it is a requirement. Find the level of volunteering that you are comfortable with since work/life balance is important in having and keeping good employees. Volunteer in things that matter to you and do it because you want to, not because you think it is necessary. If you do it because you think it is necessary, it will become work for you and you will end up dropping out or getting frustrated and those you are volunteering with will be able to tell. If you do it because you love it, it will energize you and those around you and never feel like work. Hope this helps. Good luck!

NIRMALA’s Answer

Updated Tennessee, Tennessee

Hi Calvin:

It is nice to write in your resume that you volunteered or you are volunteering but it is not a major part in resume building. you can write about your schooling, your work experiences and also your volunteer experience and what you learned with all these experiences and what you are going to offer to your future employer. Good lucj