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Do I need to go to vet school to become an assistant vet?

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2 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

Please clarify what you mean by "Assistant Vet". Do you mean a Veterinary Assistant? If so, these individuals are non-licensed assistants for Veterinarians that provide support to Veterinarians. Their scope of duties varies according to laws in each state in the USA. In most cases they do not require an academic degree or certification to work and in most cases they receive on the job training through their employer. There are Veterinary Assistant certification that can be pursued (2-6 month courses). This is different from Veterinary Technicians who actually pursue a 2-4 year degree and become licensed by their state to provide a higher degree of technical skills in assisting Veterinarians that are allowed by law. In almost all cases Licensed Veterinary Technicians (known as LVT, CVT, AHT or RVT depending on the state/degree program) are paid more than Veterinary Assistants.

Christopher recommends the following next steps:

Review job duties of Veterinary Assistants compared to Licensed Veterinary Technicians.
Review cost and academic requirements for Licensed Veterinary Technicians.
Determine what the state you work in allow in regards to Veterinary Assistants compared to Veterinary Technicians.
Review salaries in your state for Veterinary Assistants compared to Licensed Veterinary Technicians.

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Julie’s Answer

Hi Brooklynn! I'm not quite sure what you mean by assistant vet, but there are veterinary assistants and veterinary technicians who have a very important role in supporting veterinarians. Only veterinarians need to go to vet school. If you decide to become a vet tech, you may. need to pursue additional education and licensing depending on the state to become an LVT (licensed vet tech). As far as I know vet assistants don't need additional schooling, so if you're interested in working in the vet field this might be a good place to start. Good luck!