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Kathryn W. Jan 22, 2018 271 views

What are some obstacles that a veterinarian will face should they desire to open their own practice?

I hope to open my own practice after I have fulfilled all the requirements to become one, but I would like to know the pros and cons of going solo instead of joining a clinic, animal hospital, or organization. #veterinary #animals...


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Monica G. Sep 06, 2019 99 views

How many hours do you work in a week?

I’m a senior student in San Antonio, Tx. I’m interested in working in the medical field i’m undecided on a specific career but i would prefer to work with animals. I’m very corporative and work well with others and I would like to work with a close team. #animals field #career...


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Malia S. Nov 10, 2020 109 views

What's your favorite part of being a veterinarian?

I want to have a good idea of what the best experiences of the job will be. #veterinary...


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Ashlynn W. Dec 21, 2020 112 views

What jobs should I apply for in high school to be better prepared to become a veterinarian in the future?

I am in 10th grade and want to become a small animal veterinarian. I want to be prepared to do this and have some good jobs to put on my resume and am wondering which jobs I should apply for to be better prepared to become a veterinarian. #veterinarian #veterinary...