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How should I customize my basic resume for shuttle driver - epic mountain express

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5 answers

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Chris’s Answer

How about including with it a list of skills required for this particular job. Is this a summer job? That is ok. People aren't expecting you to come out with something amazing if you are a student. They want to know about your work ethic, your dedication, and your ability to take direction.

As a shuttle driver you possess many skills needed in the marketplace.

Social skills(People skills/communication) - Being able to communicate clearly in a friendly, welcoming way.

Dedication - Are you punctual? Do you arrive early to every shift?

Responsible - You have to be a responsible person to be trusted with people's personal safety.

Start with that and see where that gets you. And don't be too hard on yourself. We all start somewhere.

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Eloy!

Are they operating in San Antonio, or are you looking to move to Colorado? Wow, they have some housing available! Cool!

It's good that you are thinking of tailoring your resume to the specific position. Great start! Always look at the job announcement to see what they are asking for. "providing excellent guest service and creating experiences of a lifetime for our guests "

Then, think about the job, and what it entails.

Things you want to emphasize:
1. customer service
2. safety
3. safety (yes, it's that important!)
4. regulatory compliance . . . following laws, rules, policies, etc.

I imagine these positions are pretty competitive, so, you want to make sure that you actually articulate that you did something. For example, "when serving alcohol, always checked the IDs of the patrons, in accordance with TABC regulations." "Barricaded areas prior to mopping, and posted "wet floor" signs. etc

let me know if you have more questions! good luck! it looks like fun!!

EDIT: Remember you can use school experience to show that you meet certain requirements. For example, playing sports requires a dedication to being at practice every day, on time. That's a lot like going to work!

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Sunny’s Answer

Hi Eloy,

I see a lot of good answers here. I would like to add a couple of things that might be a good driver's qualification/skills.

- Navigation skills: If the navigation app does not work, being able to find your way by looking at the map and safely take the customers to the destination.
- Preparedness: Before going to somewhere, being able to gauge the distance and gas that will be used.
- Resilience: When there are tight schedules, being able to manage yourself and complete the shift on time.

I hope this helps!

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Don’s Answer

Customize your resume based upon skills and qualifications you bring to the position. Use Key words that are located in the qualification section. Mention the key word and a brief sentence about how you meet that word based upon the experience you bring to the position. Keep the resume to a one page. Also have a section called Competencies and list words that describe your skills to an employer.

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Eloy,

I think the biggest thing you can do is Taylor your experiences that you have had so far to the job. Much like what was mentioned above highlight how you are personable and punctual etc. Otherwise, the typical sections are good. The order I have is: education, experience, activities, skills/interests (you can also make these two separate sections, and languages (if applicable). For the job you’re applying to I would suggest just trying to show your personality since you’re working with people a lot. Hope this helps!