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I have no money plese give a job

Plese request to you

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4 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

I would suggest you to seek for a job by putting efforts only if you are 18+.

Following are the ways by which you can get job:

1. Create an account on Naukri.com. Fill out your profile and requirements as asked. After completing it move to the "Job" section and then click on "Search Job". Write the profile you are seeking for. You will have filters there to select in case if you are a fresher.
2. Also, create your account on timesjob.com and Monster.com

Earning money is not hard. The only difficult part is to analyze what you want to be in your life. Think wisely and move ahead!

I hope it helps. Good luck to you!

Note: Enclosing the job portals links in the "Optional Section" for your help.

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Rahat’s Answer

I suggest reaching out to local companies to see if anyone is hiring. Also, try reaching out to friends and family to see if they know of a job opening. It is a difficult time to find a job for a lot of people, but with perseverance, you will find one. Try cold-calling businesses, filling out online application, visiting businesses to fill out an application, etc. You can even see if you can do a side gig by helping people do daily activities in exchange for cash, like cleaning houses, mowing lawns, and going grocery shopping.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Indeed.com, etc. are great websites to help with this process. CareerVillage.org probably won't give you as many opportunities as the others will.

Good luck.

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Hari’s Answer

I would rather suggest you to show case your strengths and areas you are willing to learn.

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James’s Answer

You can do a google search for local jobs in your area. Facebook also has the same feature.