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Tips for Political Science

What should I study or know for having a political science-related career? Have you got any tips?
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5 answers

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naveen’s Answer

Media and Mass communication would be the fields that comes to my mind. In case you are trying to integrate Political Science with Management. Mass communication is the process while media are the vehicles that drive the process. The basic difference between mass media and mass communication rests on the fact that mass media is a channel through which mass communication contents are delivered to the public. mass media ie, is a channel.
The following are the fields where you can find entry
• Advertising.
• Journalism.
• Public relations.
• Social media.
• Audio media.
• Convergence.
• Civil services.
• Administration.
• International Affairs.
• Parliamentarians
• Politicians

Thanks Naveen! I appreciate your help! Tasneem A.

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Libby’s Answer

I graduated with a degree in Political Science with the initial thought of going on to law school. I didn't do that for varying reasons and am now glad I did not. That said, it is the perfect degree for entre into law school. I am in the corporate world working with Fortune 100 customers, and my knowledge of politics has been great as it has applied to internal politics and those of my customers. A BA degree also pretty much commands well roundedness in communications which are essential to any job. With a BA in Political Science, you can go into law, corporate, government, as well as on to business school, elevated Master's programs, etc.

Libby recommends the following next steps:

Talk to your advisor
Shadow an attorney, corporate worker, government worker
Serve as an intern
Take interests tests

Thanks Libby! I was thinking of going to law school too but I will reconsider that. Tasneem A.

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Quinci’s Answer

Basically what you should know is that most common political science jobs are being a teacher!. Besides that they have a lot of volunteer work a few internships you might see depending on the year. There is also entry level canvassing, women and gender studies you could do LGBT centers have a lot of jobs that go under political science if you support that group, you can also consider lookup philanthropy company’s that have jobs related to political science. Overall be patient when you start looking for a career in political science.
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Kelly’s Answer

There are many paths you can take with a poli sci degree. I would advise you to follow your passion. Personally, I did and now have a career in Corporate Social Responsibility. My role requires me to work with our company's non-profit partners and engage employees in our philanthropic efforts. It's not the route I expected to take, but I learned about the industry during my time in undergrad.

Kelly recommends the following next steps:

Take internships in roles you may be interested in. You'll learn a lot about whether you want to work in that role later.
Talk to professionals with jobs you think you might want one day. You can learn about the path those folks took and what their day-to-day role is like.

Thank you Kelly! Great tips! Tasneem A.

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James’s Answer

If you are in college, I suggest going to the school's political science department and asking the professors there. You will find a great deal of them who have had experience in the field prior to teaching and very willing to provide guidance. They can give you the positives and negatives of the field as well as any mistakes they made so you wont make them.