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How can I be different from other students that want to be Veterinarians?

I love animals and my dream job would to be a Veterinarian. I have many of my friends who would also like to be a veterinarians, I am glad that is what they hope to do but I want to stand out among the others who have the same dream as me. Is there anyway to do that?
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3 answers

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paula’s Answer

Becoming a Vet is a common dream of many animal lovers. I am sure it is very rewarding to help animals and their Humans. Given their are only 30 Vet schools in the US, it is probably more competitive to get acceptance than medical school. With that being said, some things that may make you stand out are the following:

1) Take as many science classes as possible in undergrad, major in a life science and get a 3.0 or better GPA
2) Volunteer and join as many animal welfare organizations as you can, but be active and get involved so you can have your supervisors write letters of recommendation for you when you apply to Vet school
3) Work part time or intern with a local vet. If this is not possible, see if your family vet would allow you to do some job shadowing so that you can refer to this experience in your vet school aps
4) Study for the GRE so you can get a great score
5) Prepare for the Vet School interview, make sure you have a personal statement of why you want to become a Vet

I hope this helps!
Good Luck

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Abigail’s Answer

A lot of people won't take the time to go get experience handling animals in a professional setting. You can absolutely set yourself apart by working and volunteering for programs that help animals and animal health. Applications to vet school and other masters programs are always characterized by having experience in the field you are applying to study in.

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Corey’s Answer

Hi Brooklynn,

The best thing you can do to stand out would be to get as much volunteer or intern experience working with animals as you can. Do you have a preference as far as being a small animal vet (pets), a large animal vet (farm animals), or an exotic vet (zoos and aquariums)? Either way, not only having lots of experience but a variety of experience would even further set you apart. Try volunteering or interning at a zoo as well as at a small animal clinic/hospital if you can.