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Corey Romberg

Training Specialist & Conservation Educator
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Orlando, Florida
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Perla’s Avatar
Perla Jul 01, 2019 639 views

How can I obtain training or experience working with animals?

I am going to school for Zoology to become a Zookeeper at the Oregon Zoo. I have been told that obtaining any relevant work with handling animals would look good on my resume. Especially while I am attending school, but I have a full-time job and am going to school full time. How would I be...

Miryam’s Avatar
Miryam May 13, 2021 773 views

When being a zookeeper, do you do for example only reptiles, or can you do mammals and reptiles and other kinds of species?

#animals #caring-for-animals #wildlife

Elyse’s Avatar
Elyse Jan 22, 2021 805 views

What is a good personality to be a Zookeeper? What attributes?

I love animals and I'm a relatively quick learner. I work well in groups and by myself. I have a fun, happy personality.

Thank you for your time!
#caring #personality #attributes #zookeeper

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Dec 23, 2020 6622 views

When asked "What are your strengths?" Should I list my strengths with examples or just strengths alone?

When asked "What are your strengths?" Should I list my strengths with examples or just strengths alone? #Interview

sydnee’s Avatar
sydnee Oct 27, 2020 520 views

What is the best way to get a job as a zookeeper?

I'm in 8th grade. I have a class called career and technology. My teacher is having the class ask questions about what they would like to do in the future. #classes #career-choice #zookeeper #job

Keegan’s Avatar
Keegan Aug 27, 2020 851 views

What are some career suggestions for someone who loves animals?

#animals #careers

Brooklynn’s Avatar
Brooklynn Dec 21, 2020 474 views

How can I be different from other students that want to be Veterinarians?

I love animals and my dream job would to be a Veterinarian. I have many of my friends who would also like to be a veterinarians, I am glad that is what they hope to do but I want to stand out among the others who have the same dream as me. Is there anyway to do that? #veterinarian #veterinary...

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Dec 21, 2020 1512 views

Which one is better, zoologist or veterinarian?

I am a sophomore in Utah. I love both zoology and veterinary science. I just dont know what degree I want to get into. I also don't know which one will benefit me the most while I am in High school (where there isnt much areas to work in these degrees). Big animals and small animals are the...

Denki’s Avatar
Denki Dec 17, 2020 1737 views

What schooling do you need to become a zookeeper? What is recommended?

#animals #zoo #zoology #zookeeper # #zoologist