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Miryam Nov 24, 2023 430 views

How should I effectively launch myself in regenerative/permaculture farming? College? Where in the workforce should I start?

I am planning to attend college/University, with an associate degree, but I do not know what is the best choice for me. I want to own a farm and run it for profit while using regenerative/ permaculture/organic, etc.

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Miryam May 07, 2022 670 views

Do you recommend any classes in college that could help you be a better organic farmer ?

I would like to be an organic farmer, and I was told to go to college, but I'm not so sure if that is a good idea, or what class to take. (Not a degree).

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Miryam Jul 18, 2021 761 views

Do you have any recommended colleges for an associate degree in zoo technology?

#wildlife #zookeeper #colleges #zoology

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Miryam Jul 02, 2021 3938 views

Is there a difference between a degree in animal science and a degree in zoology?

I've heard that zoology means animal science, "zoo" meaning animals, and "logy" meaning science. Thank you!
#wildlife #animals #zookeepers

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Miryam May 26, 2021 1089 views

For being a Zookeeper, which degree has the most hands-on (example: associate, bachelors...)?

I love learning by using my hands, it is a lot more fun and easier to learn.
#wildlife #degrees #zookeeper

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Miryam May 18, 2021 3836 views

What is the difference between a zookeeper and a zoologist?

#wildlife #caring-for-animals

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Miryam May 13, 2021 809 views

When being a zookeeper, do you do for example only reptiles, or can you do mammals and reptiles and other kinds of species?

#animals #caring-for-animals #wildlife